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You have searched for filenames that contain glxgears in suite stretch, all sections, and /usr/share/doc/libopengl-perl/examples/, libopengl- perl. glxgears is a popular OpenGL test that renders a very simple OpenGL performance and outputs the frame rate. Though glxgears can be usefulĀ  Standalone tools - glxgears - dd - Software suites. Table of Contents. Name. glxgears - GLX version of the infamous "gears" GL demo. Synopsis. glxgears [-info] [-display displayname]. Description. glxgears is a.

glxgears is an OpenGL program that reports FPS (frames per second) numbers. However, it is a very limited 'test'. Unlike most modern 3D. GLX-Gears; GL Mark 2; Unigine Benchmark Products. Linux is not famous for its gaming abilities and possibilities, and it is only natural that there aren't many. Limit search to a specific architecture: [amd64] [i]. You have searched for paths that end with glxgears in suite lucid, all sections, and all architectures.

7 Aug - 24 sec - Uploaded by ComputerTek Repair Services Just a quick guide showing you the glxgears command and what it does in Ubuntu linux. This. You can also use glxgears to test 3D Acceleration (FPS). Simply run this command: glxgears. or. glxgears -info. 3. xvinfo. You can also use. glxgears is a GLX demo that draws three rotating gears, and prints out framerate information to stdout. Command line options include: info Print out GL.

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