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Blackberry menu icons download

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Blackberry menu icons

Menu icons. Tip: If you aren't sure what a menu icon means, touch and hold the icon to see what it does. Slide your finger off the icon to avoid selecting it. You can find features, options, and help by exploring the menus. Do any of the BlackBerry device showing a tap on the More icon in the lower-right corner of. The design of your app's icons is especially important because they are the You can download the BlackBerry icons that we designed for an action menu or.

BlackBerry Classic keys Open a menu; Apply the action for a highlighted menu item; On the home screen, press to open the The Setup and Basics icon. Email address icons for BlackBerry Internet Service accounts are missing on the Position the cursor focus over the icon; Press the BlackBerry Menu Key. Action bar and menu icons. Large icons. 8 x 8 du (focal area x du). Large icons are the most common. Apps use them most often in these UI contexts. Charging icons. BlackBerry+Charging+icons3. png. Menu icons. BlackBerry Mobile Global · Privacy Policy · Support · About Us · Press Room · Safety · Limited Warranty · Contact Us · BlackBerry Hotline. Copyright © TCL.

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